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LeBron Has Us On a Roller Coaster Ride

Posted by Lori Schmidt July 9, 2014
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Cedar point today tweeted the following:

This is not just idle talk a Cedar Point spokesman assured me. CEO Matt Ouimet threw out the idea this very morning, and the park is now committed to following through.

According to the spokesman, if LeBron James decides to return, there will be internal discussions as to which roller coaster gets a name change, and James is welcome to have some input.

"If he calls," said Bryan Edwards, "we'll certainly pick up the phone. He knows the park."

But what if James decides to stay in Miami? What part of the park might be renamed in honor of that Decision?

Edwards laughed and said, "Well, he certainly wouldn't be getting a roller coaster in that case."

As for the appropriateness of a roller coaster, given how the free agency drama has played out, that's apparently just a coincidence.

"This all goes back to our pride in calling Ohio home," Edwards said.