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We're Not Sure LeBron Can Top This

Posted by Lori Schmidt August 12, 2014
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It's true. LeBron may have to settle for being second best...

At least when it comes to the Ice Bucket Challenge.

NHL forward Paul Bissonnette (aka Biz Nasty) takes it up a level when he not only douses himself with cold water to raise awareness of ALS*, but he recruits a helicopter pilot and makes creative use of a mountain glacier to accomplish this.

(And yet the most daring part of Bissonnette's video might be those skivvies!**)



So now LeBron, as well as Packers QB Aaron Rodgers and Seahawks QB Russell Wilson have 24 hours to respond. While waiting, you can enjoy these other videos of athletes, coaches and mascots doing their part for the cause.

And, yes, this is a cause, not just an excuse to look silly on social media. So consider donating to ALS research here--if you have some cold, hard cash lying around.


Springfield Falcons Ice Bucket Challenge

Ryan Johansen Ice Bucket Challenge

Cam Atkinson Ice Bucket Challenge

Nick Swisher Ice Bucket Challenge

Frank Beamer Ice Bucket Challenge

Indiana AD Fred Glass Ice Bucket Challenge

Matt Ryan Ice Bucket Challenge

And feel free to send us a link to your favorite Ice Bucket Challenge, or suggestions on how LeBron can top Biz Nasty's video, via Twitter!

*Despite the information at this link, the Ice Bucket Challenge did not originate with Pete Frates, but he certainly popularized it.

**Yes, boss, I looked up skivvies on my work computer. I had to see if there was one "v," or two. I swear the search was legit.