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The Blue Jackets Razor-Free Zone

The Blue Jackets secured their spot in the playoffs with just two games remaining in the regular season. So dare we say “by a whisker?” The question now is, will they exit the season with a really hairy situation on their hands? We can certainly hope!

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Now Is The Time To Join The Battle

For the past couple seasons, the Blue Jackets marketing slogan has been “Join The Battle.” Well, members of the CBJ know that now is the perfect time to “recruit” by capturing the attention of the casual sports fan. And today’s bandwagon jumpers are tomorrow’s diehards.

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State of Ohio Focus of Ohio State Clinic

With high school coaches from all corners of the state converging on Columbus, and the coaches of the state’s two NFL teams in town, Buckeye football staffers were set to celebrate Ohio.

They did so at the 83rd Annual OSU Football Clinic on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

As part of their effort to honor the state’s impact on the game, they acknowledged the careers of innovator and coach Paul Brown, Mt. Union coach Larry Kehres, and Ironton coach Bob Lutz.

Accepting on behalf of the family of the late Paul Brown was Marvin Lewis, who works for the Brown family as head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Lewis also spoke about the importance of proper tackling technique and how it prevents head injuries. He used video of plays from games against the Patriots and Chargers as examples.

A day later, Browns coach Mike Pettine also took the podium. His more than 40-minute address mostly focused on the team’s history, and what it will take to excel in areas where the club has come up short recently.

He pointed out that the club has only won 35% of their games since 1991. He had lists of every coach and every player who had been in Cleveland during that time and asked what his team can do that the others didn’t.

Pettine said he thinks it will take being “tough, competitive, passionate, relentless, productive and accountable” to do better.

Mike Pettine

The highlight of the event, however, may have been the speech of Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer, who Friday morning tackled the topic of how his team’s leadership has translated into on-field results.

He admitted to making some “tactical errors” when it came to leadership, especially earlier in his career.

“I fell victim to the quote regime, you know where you [say], ‘Hey, let’s talk about leadership; here’s four great quotes,’ and they look at you and leave the room,” Meyer said. “It’s no different if you teach quarterback play and say, ‘Here’s a couple quotes from Steve Young. Now go throw the ball better.’”

He compared the amount of money corporate America spends on leadership training, to what college football invests and called it almost embarrassing.

Meyer also admitted not successfully addressing some leadership issues that cropped up last year that may have started with Christian Bryant’s injury.

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Ohio State Spring Game: Multimedia

Click the title to view video..

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Student Appreciation Day

You’ll get to see the progress the Ohio State football team has made this spring when they kick off on Saturday, but there was a select group that didn’t have to wait. Last Saturday, Buckeye students were invited to watch the team workout. But if you weren’t there, never fear! We’ll show you what the day was like.

And remember, 97.1 The Fan’s Spring Game coverage starts this Saturday at noon.

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Almost In Their Grasp

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The Sound of 32,000 Hands Clapping

Here's some of the ambiance from Nationwide Arena on the night the Blue Jackets won their home finale in overtime, 4-3 over the Coyotes.

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Close Encounters

Ohio State welcomed approximately 2,500 Buckeyes to Student Appreciation Day, and boy did they get an up close look at their football team. How close? Well, our reporter had a little bit of trouble staying out of the way today.

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Urban Meyer: Head Coach and Head of the Class

Ohio State coach Urban Meyer doesn’t think the team’s culture is broken, but when he looks back at last year, “We didn’t finish the chase.”

In response, he’s stressing the principle of what he calls “unit leadership” and having his assistants attend classes taught by Tim Kight.

“When you go through those leadership things that we’re doing,” said tight ends coach Tim Hinton, “It makes you sit back, open your eyes and reflect on what you think your strengths are and what you think your weaknesses are. And, listen, when you’re in this competitive world, you’re never good enough.”

“What coach is doing with us as staff, and as men, in this offseason is remarkable,” agreed cornerbacks coach Kerry Coombs.

The classes take place once or twice a week, and they are similar to those that OSU’s players sat through last year.

“We’ve got a real cool systematic approach to how we’re going to fix this thing,” said Meyer.

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Urban Meyer Spring Update 4-1-14

Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer met with the media to provide an update on the team’s spring drills. He discusses one Buckeye, who needs surgery. Plus, he gives the winners of the squad’s most recent practice, while explaining who took a step back. Finally, Meyer has his assistant coaches doing what?

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Tressel Lands Another Endorsement

A newspaper out of Alliance, Ohio has interviewed Akron football coach Terry Bowden about the competitiveness of the Zips since he took over the program.

There's an aside toward the end of the story, however, that involves Jim Tressel's candidacy for the job of university president. 

"I'd like to see (Tressel) get it," Bowden said of the former Buckeye head man. "He can build a program. He can lead. He knows how to activate the morale of a university."

Tressel, who also has a number of people hoping he'll take over at Youngstown State, is one of 19 individuals who have applied for the position at Akron.

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From First to Last

On the first full day of the Major League Baseball season, Twins skipper Ron Gardenhire sent a text message to a friend who was presiding over his last full practice of the regular season.

“I don’t know what he says about me, but what I would say about him is he’s a hockey guy who’s in baseball,” laughed Blue Jackets head coach Todd Richards, after that final practice. “He’s a great man.”

For more news and notes on the Blue Jackets, click the story's headline!

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In Order to Form...

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VIDEO: Tom Herman Spring Update

The Buckeyes may be overhauling the defense, but they are making some small changes to their offense, as well. Click the story's headline to see video of assistant Tom Herman as he addresses that, the backup quarterback battle, and what Braxton Miller is doing to stay engaged while he’s nursing a shoulder injury.

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Urban Meyer Spring Update 3-25-14

Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer discussed how the overhaul of the defense is going, and why the offense will have a slightly different flavor to it this year. Click the story's headline to see the video.

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