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Scott Hartnell Joins Bishop and Rothman

Blue Jackets forward Scott Hartnell has had a busy couple days. First, he arrived in Columbus and held his first ever in-person interview with the local media.

Then he received a further grilling from the hosts of Bishop and Rothman (Bobby Carpenter was filling in for Anthony today) and a couple of 97.1 The Fan's callers!

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Fasten Your Seatbelt...

...You're in for a very bumpy photo day.

The Ohio State football team shared this video from their…WHOA! Did anyone get the number of that truck?

Actually, #72 would be 6’4″, 342 pounder Chris Carter. The crash victim is 5″7″, 170 pound running back out of Eastmoor, Devonte Butler. He’s the currently listed as the lightest player on the Buckeye roster by 10 pounds.

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Urban Meyer at Big Ten Media Day (Transcript)

(Note: Transcript comes courtesy of the Big Ten and ASAP Sports.)

THE MODERATOR: Coach, an opening statement.

COACH MEYER: It’s an honor to represent Ohio State as we start our 2014 journey. It was a very good summer because we were able to spend time with our players.
It’s the first time we’ve been allowed to — I think we had six or eight sessions with our players, and they were also helped in the transition of our high school guys when they showed up in June.
So it’s been a very good summer. Our quarterback — I know we’ll get asked that question — is ready to go. He’s full speed, in the best shape of his life. We have a bunch of good, young players that we’re anxious to see what they can do.
The two areas that concern the offensive line is, number one, a little disappointed what happened in spring. We just didn’t see the growth that we would like to see. However, I really admire our coach, Coach Warinner, and I know we have good players. So they’ve had a very good summer.
The second area is pass defense. We completely have blown up and started from scratch, an area that we were not very strong in, pass defense. And Chris Ash has done an admirable job of installing a brand-new pass defense that we’re going to test and see how it goes during training camp. Went very well during spring.
Very good group of young people that I’m looking forward to work with. They come in on Sunday for good and we start practice on Monday.

Q. Can you talk more about the offensive line? You mentioned it’s a concern. Do you think Chad Lindsay will be your starting center? And just talk about the offensive line as a whole, if you would.

Click the Title to

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Maurice Clarett Joins Bishop and Rothman

Segment One: 0:00-8:46

  • Maurice discusses his upcoming charity football game, and how he has worked his way back into being considered a member of the Buckeye football family.

Segment Two: 8:46-20:22

  • A little talk about the state of modern football, for instance, does Maurice think college players should be paid?

Segment Three: 20:22-26:37

  • Now we look at the current Buckeye football team. Who does Clarett enjoy watching? Plus, the amusing reason he thinks he and Braxton Miller could never play in the same backfield.
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The Best Darn Band In The Land Needed To Do Better

The Ohio State marching band needed Super Man. What they got instead was Clark Kent.

Clark Kent, as anyone who read the university’s investigative report released this week can tell you, was Jon Waters nickname when he was a member of TBDBITL. He is also, as anyone allowed within ten miles of Comic Con can tell you, the kindly alter ego of a hero.

That hero was powered by the sun. However, there was little sunlight where the OSU band was concerned. It was a very insular culture. In their defense, that’s probably true of most marching bands. In high school, the band is more than an organization; it’s a clique. That continues in college, where even more time and effort is demanded of participants, drawing them even closer together. A band as successful and talented as Ohio State’s and thus with every right to be proud? Well, that pride sometimes is the mortar of a wall that keeps outside perspectives out.

Which brings us to the second lesson Waters could have learned from Super Man. He was able to juggle two perspectives. He lived as someone immersed in the American Way, and he was able to view things as a Kryptonian outsider. If Waters could have stepped outside his experience as a member of TBDBITL and seen how some of the group’s “traditions” would be viewed by someone less attached to the heritage, he might still be band’s director.

There will be some who point out that Waters did take steps in that direction. Not enough. Not for a school whose Title IX policies are under review by the Department of Education.

There will also be some who argue that the raunchy atmosphere was just a part of being a band member or being a college student. It shouldn’t have to be. If sex was intrinsic to playing an instrument, playing an instrument would be a prerequisite to joining a club of swingers.

There will also be those who claim none of the more modest band members were subjected to anything. However, what are the odds that every squeamish band member was bestowed an appropriately conservative nickname? It certainly wasn’t just the less prudish who witnessed the simulated sex act on a bus ride last year. And it wasn’t just the bawdy band members who were asked to “create and draw a sex position for fat people” as part of their rookie midterm. (If that was the case, investigators probably would not have ended up with a copy of that exam.)

The end result is a report that reads like “50 Shades of Scarlet and Grey.”

It’s a shame. Waters is, by most accounts, a very nice guy. He’s undoubtedly raised the profile of what was already a highly regarded marching band. He may be a super man.

But Ohio State needed a Super Man.

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Cheers to Our English Friends!

What’s a Brit to do when visiting Columbus, Ohio? That’s the dilemma facing fans of Crystal Palace F.C., the English Premier League team playing against the Crew tonight.

And assuming their fans crossed the pond to join them on their “American adventure,” the Eagles put together this handy visitor’s guide to the city. You’ll be especially amused to learn who Londoners believe to be the most prolific people from the area. Oh, yeah.

If you’re attending tonight’s contest, please, enjoy yourself, but watch out for a team bus driving on the wrong side of the road.

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Lights, Camera...MACtion!

Two teams from the Mid American Conference have both channeled their inner-Steven Spielberg in an attempt to sell season tickets.

The first is from Miami, whose Lil' Harbaugh ad harkens back to Nike's Lil Penny.

Ohio's effort to sell tickets is more an homage to a Reebok spot: Terry Tate, Office Linebacker. Meet his successor: Tarrell Bashman, Office Enforcer.

I was going to post a poll here as to which ad campaign you found more effective, but let's face it, there's only one right answer. #StandUpAndCheer

(Hat tip on to Lil' Garrett Downing on the Miami commercial.)

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Ohio State/Michigan Game Cracks Top 5

ESPN has named 25 college football games from this past season as the best of 2013, and ESPNU will be televising replays of most of these contests in the coming days.

For Ohio State fans, this is both good and bad. The Buckeyes loss to Clemson in the Orange Bowl ranks 19th on the ESPN list, and the Big Ten Championship Game, in which OSU fell 34-24 to Michigan State is 9th.*

However, the Scarlet and Gray’s victory over Michigan is somewhere in the top 5, where exactly that game lands will depend on a fan vote. To cast your vote, click here.

*ESPN won’t be airing the Big Ten title game.

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Troy Smith Still Finding His Stride

The Montreal Alouttes of the Canadian Football League have apparently reached a crossroads with quarterback Troy Smith.

The signal caller turned 30 this past weekend and has shown signs of promise this season. However, there have also been games like the 41-5 loss to BC. In that contest, Smith only completed one first-half pass for positive yards. By the end, he was 5/17 throwing.

It was so rough, the Alouettes coach refused to name Smith his starter for Montreal’s next game, and who do the Alouettes hope will ride to their rescue?

Apparently, the GM checks in with Tim Tebow’s agent every now and then to gauge his interest.

“We would love to see him,” Jim Popp told the National Football Post. “If there was ever a time when (Tebow) wanted a great shot, now is the time.”

Montreal is the team that owns the CFL rights to Tebow. (NFP also notes they Michael Sam on their negotiation list.)

While it may seem unlikely that Tebow would accept the pay cut necessary for him to play the pivot in Montreal, it also seems like Smith could probably stand to even out his performances in order to reduce the allure of the former Florida QB.

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Best Sign Yet for Cavs Fans?

Did Akron Beacon Journal crime and courts reporter Phil Trexler come up with the scoop of the year, when it comes to the NBA hardcourt? Here he is on 97.1 The Fan discussing what LeBron James people have told Akron police about a possible announcement tonight.

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LeBron Has Us On a Roller Coaster Ride

Cedar point today tweeted the following:

This is not just idle talk a Cedar Point spokesman assured me. CEO Matt Ouimet threw out the idea this very morning, and the park is now committed to following through.

According to the spokesman, if LeBron James decides to return, there will be internal discussions as to which roller coaster gets a name change, and James is welcome to have some input.

"If he calls," said Bryan Edwards, "we'll certainly pick up the phone. He knows the park."

But what if James decides to stay in Miami? What part of the park might be renamed in honor of that Decision?

Edwards laughed and said, "Well, he certainly wouldn't be getting a roller coaster in that case."

As for the appropriateness of a roller coaster, given how the free agency drama has played out, that's apparently just a coincidence.

"This all goes back to our pride in calling Ohio home," Edwards said.

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Sonny Milano Joins The Fan

Blue Jackets first-round draft pick, Sonny Milano joined us in the 97.1 The Fan studio today. Here he is speaking to Bishop and Rothman.

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We Listened to Miami Sports Talk, So You Didn't Have To

A lot has been made of how crazy Cleveland sports radio has been of late. The LeBron James talk has whipped the locals up into a frenzy, the story goes. The tweets of cupcake factories as well as those of street wear models are being taken as gospel. Guests are being put on their air when their sole credential is their brother once met James at a Benihana. Every segment is preceded by a chorus of Skylar Grey singing, "I'm Coming Home."

Okay, that last thing might be true.

However, it's not like Miami sports talk has been an island of sanity. In fact, we sampled WQAM today and heard the following:

Caller "Craig" insisted that LeBron will stick with the Miami Heat because, "People get settled into a situation, and moving is kind of stressful, you know?" (To his credit, Craig did eventually acknowledge that James still has a home in Akron, but not before also criticizing Dan Gilbert's "witchcraft letter.")

Although not accusing the Cavaliers owner of consorting with the dark forces, caller Rick also felt LeBron was staying put. "Does LeBron go home for the better future, or stay in Miami and take the status quo? Well, the status quo is alternating years winning championships and making it to the finals every year."

Now his point about the Cavs' roster being unproven is fine, but apparently the Heat are guaranteed to take the title this upcoming season, because they'll play for it in an odd year?

It had the hosts of the Guzio and Donno Show wondering if all this was necessary. "That's what I haven't understood with any of this. Opting out? It puts pressure on Pat Riley? The guy knows he needs to make moves."

They also wondered if pitching the idea of playing with Kyrie Irving and Andrew Wiggins was such a great move for Cleveland. "That is a big mistake for the Cavaliers. You're going to sell future to LeBron? He wants to win now."

Actually, he probably wants to win now and in the future, but that's not the pitch you want to use if you're selling the Heat.

Next on the air was Adam Kuperstein and former Dolphin Channing Crowder. Crowder, you may remember once said...well, some not very nice things about Cleveland.

He continued playfully tearing into the city again today. "They usually sit there and watch the Cavs win 30 games and the Cavs win 5. Cleveland's a tough place to live, man." That, he said, is why they're so excited about the thought of LeBron returning.

It's more than excitement, assured his co-host. It's downright delusion. "They think because a cupcake shop has reported LeBron James is coming, because some random dude tweeted that all the Cavs players think LeBron is coming, they all believe this is happening."

Cupcake shop is apparently Chris Broussard's new nickname.

Finally, The Marc Hochman Show with Zach Krantz opened with a nearly 4 minute musical tribute to LeBron, starting with James announcing his Decision four years ago today.

After that, they got a little bit distracted watching the beautiful women of Brazil mourning their team's performance at the World Cup. "A Brazilian wax is surely better than a German wax," Hochman assured us.

It was crazy, passionate sometimes contradictory conversation...In other words, just like the discussion going on in Cleveland, it was pretty fun.

Of course, for the best (in our biased opinion) sports radio, listen to 97.1 The Fan. Plus, be sure to check out our webcam!

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Sprinkle Arrest Report

You’ve probably read a summary of the police report elsewhere; but since we couldn’t find the full report on the web, we are posting the complete* account of police as to why they ended up arresting Buckeye Tracy Sprinkle at a nightclub in Lorain July 5th.

To read it, click here.

Ohio State today announced today that Sprinkle is not part of the team, pending the outcome of his legal case.

*Well, nearly complete. We did redact some information when it came to phone numbers and addresses of witnesses, and so forth. These redactions were made by us, not the police.

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