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Ohio State Moving On After Miller Injury

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"Just Devastating News for Ohio State"

ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit weighs in, talking about what he sees in the Buckeye football team, how impressed he is with Urban Meyer's transformation of the roster, how the quarteback battle plays out with Braxton Miller hurt and who the favorite is now to win the Big Ten.

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"It Is An X-Box Game Today..."

Ohio State tight ends coach Tim Hinton shares some interesting information about how the technology surrounding the sport has changed since he first went into coaching.

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Pryor Regrets

Terrelle Pryor spoke to 710 ESPN Seattle today and was asked about the Ed O’Bannon ruling.

Although he made it clear that he didn’t know the details of the most recent legal decision, Pryor did say that he feels college football players could–and should–be better compensated for their commitment.

“When I was at Ohio State, all you would see if you were at the game, was a red sea; and you would see a lot of number 2’s,” he told Mike Salk and Brock Huard. “Now their argument would be that could be for Michael Jenkins [or whoever else] was number 2. It’s hard for me to believe that when people are screaming your name [as you're] coming off the field. You’re meeting little kids. Was your kid that same size a couple years ago?”

Pryor added that he knows of players who went to school, were steered into easy courses, and didn’t end up with the education they needed, especially if injuries cut their playing career short.

And he also said that when he broke NCAA rules, it was to provide for his mother. “I’ll never regret that. The only thing I regret from that is hurting* fans, teammates and coaches.”

While he may not like the NCAA rules on amateurism, he does like playing for Seahawks coach Pete Carroll.

Eventually, though, he may want to head somewhere he can have a bigger role. “I will start in this league, and I will be a big-time player,” he promised. “Somebody who loves the game so much, and loves the quarterback position so much and respects it so much and watches so much film? I think you’re going to get your chance, and you’re going to have your time to succeed.”

If he does succeed, that will be something he has in common with his famous first cousin: Ken Griffey, Jr. Due to a rift in the family, he’s never met Griffey, but Pryor did say that growing up, he rooted for the Mariners as a result of Griffey playing there.

You can hear the entire interview here

*Although some transcriptions have Pryor saying he regretted hurting “certain fans,” he didn’t actually offer this qualifier. He stumbled when speaking, and thus said “hurtin” twice.

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When Will It Be Miller Time Again?

Buckeye quarterback Braxton Miller says he’s “100 percent now,” but he’s been limited in practice. So has he completely recovered from offseason shoulder surgery?

“If the game was tomorrow,” coach Urban Meyer admitted on Media Day, “because of where he’s at, we’d be very cautious with Braxton.” Then he pointed out that the game is not tomorrow. It’s a little less than three weeks off.Braxton Miller works on his throwing motion 8-6-14

“I anticipated this. I’ve dealt with guys with arm issues before, and we’re being very cautious. He’s right on schedule,” Meyer assured reporters.

It certainly sounds like that schedule includes one more week of Miller taking it relatively easy.

“If this was next week and he didn’t go, that would hinder his progress,” Meyer said.

Tight end Jeff Heuerman, who’s returning from a foot injury himself, added, “Hopefully at the end of this week, we’ll have it all put together, and we’ll be full steam ahead.”

However, Miller seems eager to prove his mettle now. “I feel good. I can throw right now…You want to run a route?” the signal caller challenged a reporter.

Ohio State opens their season August 30th at noon against Navy. Hear it on 97.1 The Fan.

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We're Not Sure LeBron Can Top This

It's true. LeBron may have to settle for being second best...

At least when it comes to the Ice Bucket Challenge.

NHL forward Paul Bissonnette (aka Biz Nasty) takes it up a level when he not only douses himself with cold water to raise awareness of ALS*, but he recruits a helicopter pilot and makes creative use of a mountain glacier to accomplish this.

(And yet the most daring part of Bissonnette's video might be those skivvies!**)



So now LeBron, as well as Packers QB Aaron Rodgers and Seahawks QB Russell Wilson have 24 hours to respond. While waiting, you can enjoy these other videos of athletes, coaches and mascots doing their part for the cause.

And, yes, this is a cause, not just an excuse to look silly on social media. So consider donating to ALS research here--if you have some cold, hard cash lying around.


Springfield Falcons Ice Bucket Challenge

Ryan Johansen Ice Bucket Challenge

Cam Atkinson Ice Bucket Challenge

Nick Swisher Ice Bucket Challenge

Frank Beamer Ice Bucket Challenge

Indiana AD Fred Glass Ice Bucket Challenge

Matt Ryan Ice Bucket Challenge

And feel free to send us a link to your favorite Ice Bucket Challenge, or suggestions on how LeBron can top Biz Nasty's video, via Twitter!

*Despite the information at this link, the Ice Bucket Challenge did not originate with Pete Frates, but he certainly popularized it.

**Yes, boss, I looked up skivvies on my work computer. I had to see if there was one "v," or two. I swear the search was legit.

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Refresher Course

Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer once gave a speech telling his players that they were to go two steps beyond what the staff asked of them.

You crossed the finish line, he maintained, and kept going.

It meant players were to squat more weight, do more push-ups, run more miles, take more snaps…

So it’s notable that during training camp this year, there’s at least one way in which he’s asking them to do less.

“They’re making sure we get out of here at a decent time to get enough sleep at night,” safety Tyvis Powell said.

That’s right. Urban Meyer is kicking players out of the film room.

It’s all part of a new emphasis on performance recovery, and it also includes players recording how sore they feel after every practice, stretching with foam rollers during the lulls of team meetings and getting a whole lot of sleep.

According to wide receiver Devin Smith, players were even advised to download an app that would help them wake up when they are the most rested and relaxed. Many have used it and found it works for them, although Smith personally says he doesn’t need it. “Once I lay my head on that bed, I sit and think for a minute, then I fall asleep.” 

Part of this is just the evolution of football, especially football played at the greased zip-line pace of the no-huddle offense. Part of it is also the fact that coach Meyer’s staff met with the Eagles this offseason. 

Philadelphia is unique in that they are the first NFL team to hire a “sports-science coordinator.” Their workout plan helped the well-conditioned team go 7-1 in their last 8 games this past season, and they had fewer injuries than all but 4 other teams.

Is a similar approach working for the Buckeyes as well? The early returns are promising.

“It’s night and day drastic from last year,” defensive lineman Chris Carter said. “You don’t feel as drained.”

“I feel great right now. I feel excellent,” Powell added before laughingly volunteering this: “I could run a mile.”

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Ohio State Media Day

Check out more videos from Ohio State players by clicking the story headline...

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Ohio: The Leading Exporter of Juicy NFL Storylines

How impressive was Carlos Hyde in his 49er’s debut last night? So impressive that after the 23-3 loss to the Ravens, quarterback Colin Kapernick started out his press conference by discussing the tailback.

“Carlos Hyde looked really good” Kapernick said. “Ran explosively, made good decisions, had the speed to hit the edge and creased some things inside. “

Hyde had 5 carries for 39 yards, and admitted he spent a sleepless night before seeing his first NFL action. He also admitted that, at one point, he almost gave up on his dream of playing football professionally.

“There was a time in my life when I didn’t think football was the route anymore for me. But I had an opportunity to move to Florida and start my life over, and now I’m here,” Hyde told NFL Media’s Aditi Kinkhabwala.

Speaking of former Buckeye running backs, Boom Herron appeared to be the target of an accusation made by a former Colts teammate. Chris Rainey’s now deleted tweets implied that Herron was part of some hotel hijinks involving a fire extinguisher.

On the field, Herron had 7 carries for 26 yards in a 13-10 loss to the Jets. He also caught 6 passes, including a 12-yard touchdown grab.

Some impressive numbers for Terrelle Pryor, resulting in observing that, “He had an overall positive day that should help him stick on the 53-man roster. You expect to see Pryor make plays with his legs — which he did — but the quarterback also looked comfortable in the pocket, completing several throws into tight spaces.”

Not that Pryor was flawless. While he was 9/16 for 137 yards, he also had a late interception that stalled the Seahawks’ comeback attempt in a 21-16 loss to the Broncos.

That would not be Pryor’s only gift to Denver. Defensive back Bradley Roby said after the contest, Pryor gave him a pair of his shoes.

And finally, an interesting note regarding another quarterback with Ohio ties. Bengals coach Marvin Lewis relays an anecdote regarding his signal caller Andy Dalton in yet another piece from

Apparently, as they were analyzing Dalton as a prospective draft pick, they sent him a mini playbook to memorize. When asked him to dissect to one of the plays, Dalton got only part of the way through before apologizing and noting that there was something about the play that didn’t make sense to him.

It turns out that he had such a grasp on the offense which had been presented to him, he’d picked up on a typo.

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On the Buckeye Beat

Would you like to rock out like the Buckeyes when you work out? Then this is the playlist you need.

These are the songs Ohio State football played at their practice on Wednesday:

Enter Sandman - Metallica

Fuel - Metallica

Trophies - Drake

Porn Star Dancing - My Darkest Days

Born in the U.S.A. - Bruce Springsteen

Here I Go Again - Whitesnake

Fortunate Son - Creedence Clearwater Revial

Back in Black - AC/DC

In addition there were multiple selections from the following movie soundtracks:



The Dark Knight

Pirates of the Caribbean

The Last of the Mohicans

The Ohio State quarterbacks sure seemed to get in the groove.

QB Footwork Drill

And we have an update with the music added during Thursday's workout!

Hell's Bells - AC/DC

Radioactive - Imagine Dragons

The Monster - Eminem

Hang On Sloopy - The McCoys

LeBron James - Yo Gotti

Wake Me Up - Avicii

A sincere thanks to the man who was a huge, huge help in my little game of name that tune, Lucas Morgan!

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Navy Targets the Buckeyes

Ohio State football will hold their Media Day this Sunday. What would you put as the over/under on the number of mentions regarding their season opener against Navy on August 30th?

If their Media Day was any indication, the Midshipmen certainly have a pinpoint focus on that game. In fact, coach Ken Niumatalolo addressed it in his opening statement.

“The toughest opening opponent that we’ve ever had since I’ve been here, my 17 years,” he said. “Great players, one of the best players in the country in Braxton Miller and arguably one of the best college football coaches to ever coach in Urban Meyer.”

Niumatalolo is not the only one at Navy who’s familiar with Meyer’s work.

“Growing up I was a Gator fan, when Urban Meyer was there,” said quarterback Keenan Reynolds. “So I always wanted to be a Florida Gator and play for him. Now I get to play against him, so I think that’s pretty cool.”

While it’s, as Reynolds put it, a “cool” opportunity for him and his teammates, Coach Niumatalolo is cautioning that it will take a lot of work to be able to take advantage of it.

“If you cannot go to bed every night,  or look yourself in the mirror at night and say, ‘I did everything I could to get ready?’ If you can’t honestly say that, we’re going to get killed,” he warned.

(A warm thanks to Pete Medhurst, whom I highly recommend as a Twitter follow in the lead-up to the Navy game.)

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Common Man's favorite player takes the mound

Common Man's favorite White Sox player Adam Dunn was pushed into mop up pitching duty last night in the 9th inning of a 16-0 beatdown at the hands of the Texas Rangers. Ironically Dunn didn't have any strikeouts....check out Dunn's first career pitching performance here..

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Clemson QB Cole Stoudt Punks Teamates

Dublin Coffman grad and current Clemson QB Cole Stoudt does a great mannequin impression that victimizes his Tiger teamates...

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Scott Hartnell Joins Bishop and Rothman

Blue Jackets forward Scott Hartnell has had a busy couple days. First, he arrived in Columbus and held his first ever in-person interview with the local media.

Then he received a further grilling from the hosts of Bishop and Rothman (Bobby Carpenter was filling in for Anthony today) and a couple of 97.1 The Fan's callers!

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Fasten Your Seatbelt...

...You're in for a very bumpy photo day.

The Ohio State football team shared this video from their…WHOA! Did anyone get the number of that truck?

Actually, #72 would be 6’4″, 342 pounder Chris Carter. The crash victim is 5″7″, 170 pound running back out of Eastmoor, Devonte Butler. He’s the currently listed as the lightest player on the Buckeye roster by 10 pounds.

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