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Ohio State Players Scout Illinois

Doran Grant, Adolphus Washington, Taylor Decker, and JT Barrett look ahead to Saturday's game against Illinois.

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Urban Meyer Updates JT Barrett's Status

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Ohio State Coaches Get Ready for Illinois

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Moving On After Near-Death Experience

Our friend, Bill Rabinowitz of the Columbus Dispatch, cleverly called Saturday's close call against Penn State a "near-death experience." Given the time of year, it's only appropriate that Ohio State's players started this week discussing their efforts to come back from the dead in a couple very lively interviews.

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When Talk Isn't Cheap

Come the start of daylight savings time, there are going to be a lot of Buckeyes wishing they could turn back the clock…to the Virginia Tech game.

Everything about the way Ohio State has played since, and everything about the way Virginia Tech has played since, suggests a rematch would result in an entirely different outcome than the 35-21 loss OSU suffered September 6.

The scab was picked last night when the Hokies fell to the Miami Hurricanes 30-6. So today might best be spent thinking about the balm that has been the play of quarterback JT Barrett.

It also might be worth questioning whether Barrett’s present performance would be possible without that past adversity.

The redshirt freshman threw 3 interceptions and was sacked 7 times that evening. In the games that have followed, he’s completed 72 percent of his passes, thrown 17 touchdowns to just one pick, and averaged 293 passing yards a contest.

Plus, he’s taken the reigns of the team.

His teammates really noticed that when Barrett gave a speech before playing Kent State.

“He kind of put the offense on his back and took responsibility for the offense,” said H-back Jalin Marshall. “He told us that he’s got us, no matter what. I think that really sunk in to everybody on the offensive side, especially me. Being young, being in the same class as him, it meant a lot to me to feel he really had my back, because I really had his.”

“You could just tell he wanted everyone’s attention, and that’s what he got,” added running back Rod Smith. “He pumped everybody up, and we went out there and executed and have just been rolling.”

The address to the team was, in and of itself, nothing new. In fact, wide receivers coach Zach Smith said he noticed some of his players, wide-eyed and mouthing “Wow!” after Barrett’s pep talk before the season opener against Navy.

This speech, following a tough loss to the Hokies, though, carried an even deeper resonance.

“Him getting hit as many times as he did against Virginia Tech, and keep getting up and going, that was when he started to earn my respect,” explained head coach Urban Meyer. “I think for someone to stand up and to give a speech or whatever, it just depends on who’s standing up and what has he shown. And I think everybody, including Buckeye nation, saw a tough nut that got hit a bunch against Virginia Tech and kept swinging.”

Expect another speech from Barrett before tomorrow’s game against Penn State. The Nittany Lions have an even stingier defense (15.2 points/game) than the Hokies unit (21.3 points/game) that caused Ohio State such problems.

And senior Nick Vannett, who’s assuredly heard his share of pregame talks is looking forward to it. “Just to see the emotion from him gets you kind of riled up as an offense,” he said of Barrett. “He gets after it. It’s probably as good I’ve seen, honestly. So if football doesn’t work out for him, he’s got a backup plan.”

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Ready To Enter The Nittany Lions' Den

Pat Elflein details what they've done to get ready for the crowd noise and for the defense that will blitz more than any other they've faced.

A very, very confident Nick Vannett talks about heading to Happy Valley. Did we mention he seemed pretty confident?

And, you can watch it if you want, but if you're Kerry Coombs, you really should see the end of Doran "Batman" Grant's interview.

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Meyer's Midweek Update

Urban Meyer tells us how preparations for the Penn State game are going.

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Looking Forward to Invading Happy Valley

There's a lot to like in this interviews with Ohio State football players Joshua Perry, Evan Spencer and Jalin Marshall.

Perry discusses the Buckeye defense starting to acquire a swagger. Also, how much does he watch an opposing quarterback's body language to see if he's knocked the swagger out of him?

Spencer talks about how his now famous grab made for a perfect birthday present for someone.

And don't miss Marshall admitting the Buckeye wide receiving corp does feature a diva or two. His description of his teammates personalites takes you inside the locker room.

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Penn State Week Begins

Ohio State coach Urban Meyer and two of his assistants, defensive line coach Larry Johnson (who spent almost two decades working for Penn State) and wide receivers coach Zach Smith, spoke to the media today.

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Urban Meyer Postgame

Here's Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer discussing the Buckeyes 56-17 win over Rutgers.

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Ohio State Players Preview Rutgers

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Meyer and Barrett Preview Battle With Rutgers

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Franklin's Two Cents

Penn State beat Rutgers this year 13-10, so Dispatch reporter Todd Jones asked Nittany Lions head coach James Franklin to preview the Ohio State/Rutgers game for Buckeye fans.

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Scarlet and Grey vs. Scarlet Knights

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer previews Saturday's game against Rutgers. Offensive coordinator Tom Herman talks about how their game plan would be different if Braxton Miller was still their quarterback. And co-defensive coordinator Chris Ash explains why the defense does what they do.

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