Staff Profiles

Jeff "Tito" Thitoff

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

College: The Ohio State University

Previous Places of Play: Columbus Dispatch, 411 Fantasy, Damon’s (when it was cool to work for Damon’s)

Favorite Teams: OSU, CBJ, Cincinnati Reds, Boston Celtics, Original Cleveland Browns, Bumpers

Favorite Sports Quote: “Some people want to be rich. Some people want to be famous. But baby, everybody wants to be me! Woooooo!”
-- Ric Flair

Favorite Sports Moment: Bieber’s 40-yard field goal. Still waiting on dinner from Rothman and Stanley. Or Holy Buckeye. Wait, my kids play sports and they both had great moments recently. How many can I list here?

Favorite Xbox Game: Madden

Favorite App: The Fan app. Wait, will the bosses read this? If not, then Scrabble.