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Buckeye Football & Basketball broadcasts are now available for FREE! You can listen to the buckeye broadcast by listening to our regular 971thefan.com stream by clicking or tapping the "listen" button at the top of any page, no need to sign in or make any purchases!

If you'd like to listen back to a past game, all of this season's past games can be found below and accessed by clicking the listen button next to the game you wish to listen to.


2014 Season Replays

Date Opponent Listen
Aug 30 OSU @ Navy (Aug. 30th, 2014) Listen to replay
Sep 06 OSU vs. Virginia Tech (Sept. 6, 2014) Listen to replay
Sep 13 OSU vs. Kent State (Sept. 13, 2014) Listen to replay
Sep 27 OSU vs. Cincinnati (Sept. 27, 2014) Listen to replay
Oct 04 OSU @ Maryland (Oct. 4, 2014) Listen to replay
Oct 18 OSU vs. Rutgers (Oct. 18, 2014) Listen to replay
Oct 25 OSU @ Penn St. (Oct. 25, 2014) Listen to replay

* Football game replays will be available Monday afternoon.

Help and Support

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