NFL: Bengals offense expected to pick up pace

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Offensive coordinator Hue Jackson, with quarterback Andy Dalton, wants to run a more up-tempo system for the Bengals this season.

CINCINNATI — It doesn’t seem logical that new Bengals offensive coordinator Hue Jackson will help take pressure off quarterback Andy Dalton by getting his unit to play at a more up-tempo pace he labels “fast and furious,” but he’s hoping that pace, combined with a better running game, will keep opposing defenses off balance, which will benefit Dalton.

The Bengals ranked sixth in the NFL in plays and points last season, but they ranked 27th in yards per rush (3.6 per carry).

That lack of success in the running game led Dalton into a career-high 586 passing attempts (58 more than his previous career high), which led to a career-high 20 interceptions.


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