Fan Talent

Bobby Carpenter

Job Title: Co-Host, Carpenter & Rothman

Hometown: Born in Houston; grew up in Lancaster, Ohio

College: The Ohio State University

Previous Places of Play: Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins and Detroit Lions

Favorite Teams: Reds, Cavs, and Mavs

Favorite Sports Quote: “You play to win the game” Herm Edwards

Favorite Sports Moment: 2002 OSU National Championship

Favorite Video Game: Contra (I’m waiting for the Xbox 360 release)

Favorite App: Jumbline

Anthony Rothman

Job Title: Co-Host, Carpenter & Rothman

Hometown: Chicago, Ill. 

College: Indiana University

Previous Places of Play: ABC/FOX-TV Columbus

Favorite Teams: Minnesota Vikings

Favorite Sports Quote: “Cinderella story. Outta nowhere. A former greenskeeper, now, about to become the Masters champion.”
-- Carl Spackler

Favorite Sports Moment: Running the table on world 9-ball champion Earl Strickland

Favorite Video Game: Need for Speed

Favorite App: Live Hold 'Em Poker

The Common Man

Hometown: St. Charles, Ill.

College: Columbia College

Previous Places of Play: Chicago, Los Angeles . . . and everywhere in between

Favorite Teams: Buckeyes, Jackets, White Sox, Bears

Favorite Sports Quote: “Who’s your daddy?” -- Pedro Martinez



Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

College: The Ohio State University

Favorite Teams: Ohio State Buckeyes, Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Cavs, Columbus Crew, Columbus Blue Jackets and New York Mets

Favorite Sports Quote: "I'm tired of hearing about money, money, money. I just want to play the game, drink Pepsi, and wear Reebok." -- Shaquille O'Neal

Favorite Sports Moment: 2002 National Championship game, anytime Michigan loses.

Favorite Video Game: FIFA

Favorite App: Spotify

Tim Hall

Hometown: Woodbridge, Va.

College: University of Kansas

Previous Places of Play: 610 Sports-KCSP (Kansas City), 99.9 The Fan/620 The Buzz (Raleigh)

Favorite Teams: Kansas Jayhawks, Washington Redskins, Balitmore Orioles, Washington Nationals, Les Boulez (anyone know what that is?)

Favority Sports Quote: "In my opinion that sucked!" -- Jim Mora

Favorite Sports Moment: Mario and the Miracle. Kansas comes back to beat Coach Cal and Memphis in the 2008 National Championship game.

Favorite App: Twitter

Beanie Wells

Job Title: Co-Host, Buckeye Xtra

Paul Keels

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

College: Xavier University

Previous Places of Play: Cincinnati, Detroit, Washington D.C., Dayton.

Favorite Teams: Ohio State Buckeyes, Cincinnati Reds & Bengals, Columbus Blue Jackets and Clippers.

Favorite Sports Quote: “It’s better to die at birth, than jump off sides on the goal line!” -- From author Dan Jenkins in his book "Semi-Tough."

Marty Bannister

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

College: The Ohio State University

Previous Places of Play: WBLY/WIZE Springfield, WING, WONE Dayton, and, in another life, WBNS Radio back in the 80s

Favorite Teams: Buckeyes, Reds, Bengals, New York Rangers, Boston Celtics

Favorite Sports Quote: “I’m not an athlete, I’m a baseball player” Former Phillies first baseman John Kruk

Favorite Sports Moment: 1980 Miracle on Ice U.S. Olympic hockey win

Favorite App: Not sure what that is

Lori Schmidt

Hometown: Pickerington, Ohio

College: Ohio University (Just to clarify in case Brady Hoke is reading this, the Bobcats.)

Previous Places of Play: WOUB, ONN television

Favorite Teams: Blue Jackets, Crew, Ohio Bobcats, Bengals, Reds, and whoever is playing Eastern Michigan

Favorite Sports Quote: Anything said by Ken Hitchcock

Favorite Sports Moment: The Ohio Bobcats (in Athens, Mr. Hoke) upsetting Michigan in the men’s NCAA basketball tournament in 2012. Ohio State’s BCS championship win over Miami is a close second.

Favorite Video Game: I prefer actual sports to video games.

Favorite App: I just learned how to put an Elvis ringtone on my phone. I have yet to figure out apps.

Jim Lachey

Hometown: St. Henry, Ohio

College: The Ohio State University

Previous Places of Play: San Diego Chargers, L.A. Raiders and Washington Redskins

Favorite Teams: Buckeyes and Redskins

Favorite Sports Quote: “ PPP=PPP” Piss Poor Preparation = Piss Poor Performace”

Favorite Sports Moment: Beating Michigan three times and winning Super Bowl XXVI

Favorite Xbox Game: Madden 2012

Favorite App: iTunes

Ron Stokes

Hometown: Canton, Ohio

College: The Ohio State University

Previous Places of Play: Columbus Horizons, The Ohio State University, Canton McKinley High School

Favorite Teams: Ohio State and Cleveland Browns

Favorite Sports Quote: “You’re not tired, you only think you’re tired.” -- From head coach Eldon Miller to our team after a six-hour flight and 45-minute bus ride to a small high school gym in Anchorage, Alaska for practice.

Favorite Sports Moment: During the last play of my final game in St John Arena as a Senior, OSU vs Michigan St, Troy Taylor throwing me an alley-oop pass for a dunk.

Favorite App: Twitter

Jim Burson

Hometown: New Concord, Ohio

College : Ohio State

Previous Places of Play: John Glenn HS, Ohio State, Houston Rockets, Columbus Horizon

Favorite Teams: Buckeyes

Favorite Sports Quote: “Sports do not build character. They reveal it.” -- John Wooden

Favorite Sports Moment: Beating Iowa at Iowa when they were #1 in the country, beating Louisville at Louisville when they were going to be #1 in the country


Jeff "Tito" Thitoff

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

College: The Ohio State University

Previous Places of Play: Columbus Dispatch, 411 Fantasy, Damon’s (when it was cool to work for Damon’s)

Favorite Teams: OSU, CBJ, Cincinnati Reds, Boston Celtics, Original Cleveland Browns, Bumpers

Favorite Sports Quote: “Some people want to be rich. Some people want to be famous. But baby, everybody wants to be me! Woooooo!”
-- Ric Flair

Favorite Sports Moment: Bieber’s 40-yard field goal. Still waiting on dinner from Rothman and Stanley. Or Holy Buckeye. Wait, my kids play sports and they both had great moments recently. How many can I list here?

Favorite Xbox Game: Madden

Favorite App: The Fan app. Wait, will the bosses read this? If not, then Scrabble.

Dee Miller

Hometown: Springfield, Ohio

College: The Ohio State University

Favorite Teams: Buckeyes

Favorite Sports Quote: “I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.” -- Michael Jordan

Favorite Sports Moment: Michael Jordan’s first NBA title in 1991

Favorite App: Twitter/Facebook


Matt Hayes

Job Title: Producer, Carpenter & Rothman

Ted Holbrook

Job Title: Producer, Common Man & Company

Alicia Barnhart

Job Title: Producer, Buckeye Xtra

Hometown: Brecksville, Ohio

College: The Ohio State University

Previous Places of Play: Ohio State Athletic Video, Radio Sound Network

Favorite Teams: Buckeyes and New York Yankees

Favorite Sports Quote: “It’s a humbling thing being humble.” -- Maurice Clarett

Favorite Sports Moment: Being in the south stands watching across the field as Purdue’s kick goes wide left in overtime in 2003. The ‘Shoe was the loudest it’s ever been!

Favorite Video Game: Halo 3

Favorite App: Twitter