Advertising & Sales - Our Audience

Here is some information about the greatest people in the world... our Listeners!

In 2007 Arbitron released a study with specific information about Sports Radio Listeners across America. We think after reading the info below, you'll agree that having access to this audience could certainly make a difference to your business.

  • Two-thirds of the audience falls between 25 and 54, with the average age being 47 years old
  • Time Spent Listening to Sports Radio is competitive with other male-driven formats, and is bucking national listenership trends by showing an increase among listeners aged 35-64
  • 86% of the audience is male
  • Sports Radio Listeners are among Radio's most educated audience with nearly 80% having attended or graduated from college (only Classical formats score higher)
  • The Sports Radio audience ranks in the top-3 of all formats for Listeners with postgraduate degrees
  • Sports Listeners are among the most likely of all Radio Listeners to be married

Sports Radio Fans are Affluent!

The following statistics are no surprise considering that the Sports Radio audience has the highest percentage of full-time employed Listeners of all formats.

  • Nearly half of Sports Radio Listeners live in households earning $75k or more annually--no other format does better
  • Sports Radio Listeners also rank tops among households earning $100k or more
  • Our Listeners are also most likely to have investments
  • Sports Radio Listeners rank second-strongest in home ownership, and rank third-highest among those owning homes valued at $500k or more
  • Sports Listeners lead the pack when it comes to purchasing HDTVs, and are also much more likely to visit the movie theater two or three times per month

Sports Radio Fans are Active!

 By their nature, Sports Radio Listeners love sports -- but they also index highly among all formats in terms of physical activity, especially for belonging to health/exercise clubs, playing tennis, weight/circuit training, bicycling, and hiking.

To transport all that sporting gear, Sports Radio Listeners are 62% more likely than the average person to have plans to buy an SUV within the next 12 months -- no other format indexes higher.

Now that you know a little more about our audience, won't you allow us to assist you in inviting them to do business with you?


RadiOhio and its stations do not discriminate in advertising contracts on the basis of race or ethnicity.  Any provision in any order or agreement for advertising that purports to discriminate on the basis of race or ethnicity, even if handwritten, typed or otherwise made a part of the particular agreement is rejected.