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  • NFL-National Football League roundup (Reuters)

    At the conclusion of the NFL spring owners meetings on Wednesday, commissioner Roger Goodell said Robert Kraft's decision not to appeal the penalties from the Deflategate investigation was the initiative of the New England Patriots' owner alone. "The decision Robert made was his decision," Goodell said. Goodell would not comment on the specifics of quarterback Tom Brady's four-game suspension or his appeal, but he said he looked forward to hearing from Brady.

  • Bengals sign 2nd-round pick Jake Fisher (The Associated Press)

    CINCINNATI (AP) -- The Bengals signed offensive tackle Jake Fisher of Oregon on Wednesday, leaving only two draft picks without contracts.

  • NFL Transactions Tracker (Rotoworld)

    Nick Mensio keeps track of every offseason transaction for all 32 teams.

  • NFLPA files motion to hold NFL and Roger Goodell in contempt of court (Shutdown Corner)

    The NFL has gone out of its way to pick at the NFLPA the last couple of years, so it should be no surprise that the union is fighting back at every chance. On the heels of the NFLPA on Tuesday calling for Roger Goodell to recuse himself from Tom Brady's appeal, which was expected, came the out-of-the-blue motion by the NFLPA in federal court to hold the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell in contempt of court over the Adrian Peterson case. You know, the case of the suspended Minnesota Vikings running back, who was reinstated a month ago from his 2014 suspension? Yeah, that one. A federal judge vacated Peterson's suspension in late February , and ordered the case to go back to arbitration proceedings. The NFL appealed, and that bought enough time until the league could reinstate Peterson on its terms, in mid-April. If you question the NFL's authority, it will not be happy.  Well, the NFLPA brought up that now-seemingly inconsequential ruling, seemingly because it can. Here's a key section of the media release , signed by NFLPA president and Cincinnati Bengals offensive lineman Eric Winston: [ Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football is back: Sign up for a league today! ] "On February 26th, the NFL was ordered to change their decision in the Peterson matter and reissue a ruling consistent with our collective bargaining agreement. The Union made multiple requests to the League office asking the arbitrator, who serves at the direction of the Commissioner, to comply with the law and avoid further litigation. Despite our attempts, they have done nothing and leave us no choice but to seek this motion. "The delay tactics, inconsistencies and arbitrary decision making of the League has continued to hurt the rights of players, the credibility of the League office and the integrity of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. In the absence of any action by the NFL's governing board of owners, the players have acted to hold the NFL accountable to our players, the CBA and to the law." Of course the entire point of the NFL's appeal appeared to be to stall until it could reinstate Peterson at the time it deemed appropriate. It would have been easier for the NFL to just let it go in late February and reinstate Peterson after the court's ruling, but it wanted to make a point. And now the NFLPA wants to make one too. Adding to the public battle is that the NFL told Sports Business Journal's Daniel Kaplan that the union four days ago didn't object to an extension of the deadling on filing in the appeal of the Peterson case. The NFL asked the court for more time to argue why the Eighth Circuit Court should overturn a lower court's decision that sided with Peterson, and the court granted that. In that filing, Kaplan wrote, the NFL said the NFLPA did not object to that extension. The case itself is practically meaningless at this point, but the underlying message is not. The NFL has in many ways seemed to taunt the union since scoring what most everyone considers a decisive victory in the last collective-bargaining agreement, in 2011. The latest was Goodell appointing himself to oversee Brady's appeal, then publicly reminding everyone that the union agreed to give him that power in the CBA. The union and league, at some level, need a cooperative relationship for the best of the sport. That relationship seems like quite the opposite of cooperative lately. - - - - - - - Frank Schwab is the editor of Shutdown Corner on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip? Email him at or follow him on Twitter! Follow @YahooSchwab

  • 49ers DL Justin Smith retires after 14 seasons (The Associated Press)

    When Justin Smith decided that his body wouldn't let him perform up to his own lofty standards, he knew it was time to stop playing. Smith announced Monday that he is retiring after 14 seasons as one of the top defensive linemen in the NFL, dealing yet another blow to the San Francisco 49ers in a rough offseason. One of the most durable players at one of the most physically demanding positions, Smith had been hampered the past two seasons by a bum left shoulder that he first hurt in training camp in 2013.

  • Kirkpatrick, Dennard get chance for bigger role with Bengals (The Associated Press)

    Dre Kirkpatrick doesn't even hesitate. He calls himself a Bengals starting cornerback. The Bengals have an open job now that Terence Newman has left for Minnesota as a free agent. Kirkpatrick and Darqueze Dennard will compete for the opening, beginning with minicamp next month.

  • 49ers DL Justin Smith announces retirement after 14 seasons (Shutdown Corner)

  • APNewsBreak: Tiger mascot at issue in Ohio exotics crackdown (The Associated Press)

    A school that uses a live tiger cub as a mascot has been warned it must submit more documentation to continue that tradition without violating Ohio's law on dangerous animals. The booster club that provides tigers for Massillon Washington High School is among more than a dozen animal owners contacted by the Ohio Department of Agriculture in recent months over compliance concerns, according to records obtained by The Associated Press. It's not clear if or how that might affect the live-mascot tradition in Massillon, where football passion runs deep: Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals founder Paul Brown got his start as a high school coach in the northeast Ohio city, and each boy born there gets a football in his bassinet.